Many consider the buffalo as having been a steward of the western frontier where everything was wild or wooly or both and beyond the confines of civilization. Out where only wild animals and Native Americans could live off the land. Such hardy souls utilized every part of the bison to sustain their existence in a harsh and unforgiving environment. The hunting methods of the Indians weren’t efficient enough to pose a serious threat to their survival as a species.

Bison are the largest extant animal God chose for this continent and have few natural enemies. They are known for roaming more than running as they are seldom in a hurry. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the balance of survival tipped radically against them. Their commercial value and temperament made them uniquely vulnerable to a collision with technology, poor sportsmanship, and greed. Unlike deer or elk they don’t scatter and run away when one is shot & killed. Quickly reloadable rifles (in the wrong hands) proved too efficient at killing them and their numbers plummeted from 10’s of millions to less than a thousand by 1890. Conservation efforts have preserved the species but they will never return to their former glory.

Buffalo have always been will always be part of the fabric of this great and beautiful land. Indians relied on them. Today countless communities and teams proudly bear their name.

Wooly Bully is a one-and-a-quarter life-size celebration of this American icon. This heroic size sculpture is a full 18” taller than life. It is constructed mostly of rusty objects that served a former life as something else. For example: an antique push mower has to do with his grazing; four cylinders represent his four stomachs; the hand plane alludes to where he is most at home; and the roller skates just prove singer Roger Miller wrong--you actually can roller skate in a buffalo herd!

INVENTORY of  “WOOLY BULLY”  (steel bison)

Four cylinders and crankshaft
Gearshift & trans
Logging cable
Band saws, circular saws, & rakes
Golf club wedges
Aerator wheels
Carpentry hand plane
Motorcycle frame & skid plate
Conveyor chain
-7/8” hitch balls
Cultivating plow
Exhaust pipe
Mower section guards
Antique push mower
Auto fan & chain
Model A horn
Grain drill seed planter & golf drivers
Horse collar hames
Blacksmith hammers
Railroad spikes
Roller skates

Leg hair
Horn tips
Internal organs
Hocks (heel bones)

Fabricated one of a kind.

104" H x 138" L x 80" D • 1,030 lbs.

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