Rocky Mountain Elk are legendary for their ability to cover lots of rugged terrain quickly. This steel one has license plates from 7 states in him. He gets around. Those of us foolish enough to hunt them consider it a pretty good day if we can merely see some fresh tracks. Dad and I spent much time together trying to get close to the marvelous Wapiti as the Indians called him. Hunting was one of the few things we did together and I cherish those times. During the Fall of 1988 we got tags for the Ochoco unit. This sculpture is dedicated to a royal bull I took while hunting with dad and a couple of rancher friends that Fall.

Elk season was not likely to be successful this year, as I had inadvertently scheduled a conflict. Several months earlier I had promised my wife Jean we would attend some shindig together that if I held myself to it, would allow me only one day of hunting. Most elk hunters take that long just to set up camp!

As I pressed through the dense mountain mahogany thicket that solitary Saturday in October God appointed a meeting between Traveler and I. Neither dad nor I managed to ever get that close again to such a magnificent herd bull. I’m not certain of too many things but you’ll never convince me that this appointment had nothing to do with my decision to honor my promise to my wife.

Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.        
Matthew 6:33

Notice the Remington 30-06 elk hunting rifle and 22 pump mounted inside Traveler on a gun rack the way you would carry them in the back window of your pickup truck.  It may look like a waste of a pretty good gun but I never cared much for automatics. One well-placed shot from the more accurate bolt action is far superior to filling the air with automatic gunfire.                                                           


INVENTORY of  “TRAVELER”  (steel elk)

Golf clubs
Rope pulleys
Hitch balls
Steel grating
Garden shears
Tin snips
Mower section
Mower section guards
Band saw
Ballpeen hammer
Oil filler
Universal joints
Potato forks
Harness hames
Pressure gauge
Water pump
Fireplace grate
License plates
Brass bugle
Remington 30-06 and 22 rifles & gun rack

Fabricated one of a kind.

140" H x 100" L • 1200 lbs.

Monitor, Washington

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