At ten feet tall and 2,500 lbs this arachnid pretty much does as he pleases. The
bulldozer track rail in his tail and log loading grapple for the front arms were the
key items that catapulted this sculpture into becoming a scorpion instead of some
other creature. He is balanced on a 51” crane bearing so even a 3 year old can
easily rotate the whole sculpture 360 degrees.

I doubt I will ever run across that group of materials again. That is the nature of
one-of-a-kind artwork that can’t be duplicated.  The bronze sculptures I make
start from molds that can produce many duplicates. Once I make the original in
clay or wax the casting foundry can do all the steps that follow in duplicating it in
bronze. It is slightly problematic, however, to point a subcontractor at a pile of
rusty shovels, gears, and farm impliments and say “make me a real looking buffalo
from that.” I have to personally make each one. Obviously there won’t be very
many of them.








INVENTORY of  “TAILS – YOU LOSE”  (steel scorpion)

Cast iron teapot
Shovels (flat nose and pointed)
Log grappler
Golf clubs
Snowmobile skis
Bulldozer track
VW ring gear, 1st gear, and 2nd gear
Camel back mill conveyor chain (2 sizes)
Hay mower guards
Combine harvester pickup guards
Glass pack mufflers
Auto suspension coil springs
Leaf springs
Exhaust manifolds
Cultivating disk
Vice grips
Garden shears
Strap hinges
Anhydrous ammonia fertilizer chisels
Bull gear / bearing
Claw hammers
Auto shock springs
Duo-Fast nail gun


Fabricated one of a kind.

126" H x 120" L

Carefree, Arizona

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