SHUMBA (South African for “he who walks like a lion”)

What living creature could be more impressive than the king of beasts – the African lion?    This awesome assemblage of lethal strength is able to catch wild game much larger than itself. He rules the savannah with stately regality in fear of nothing.

The mention of the biblical Jesus often evokes the opposite image of gentle philosopher and teacher advocating ‘turning the other cheek’ in the face of persecution – full of love and mercy. He is the personification of peace on earth and goodwill toward men. John referred to him as the “lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” John 1:29. What is a lamb if not lowly, harmless, and defenseless prey for the strong.  That picture is not wrong it is just not complete. To emphasize the lamb over the lion presents an imbalanced view of Christ.

Jesus is not only the Lamb of God but also the Lion of Judah. The perfect marriage of lamb-ness and lion-ness saw Him conquer sin and death that no earthly king could ever do.  The most supreme kingship together with extraordinary humble submission even unto death for sins He did not commit – the world has ever seen.   

The first impression of this sculpture is of a ferocious lion. Closer inspection of the interior reveals a cast iron lamb. Inside the lion’s heart is the image of the cross Christ bore on our behalf while taking our sin punishment upon Himself. You will also find a sword signifying his kingship and rule over the universe forever. 

The marriage supper of the Lamb” Revelation 19:7 is an RSVP event. All are invited but only those who trust Him as savior (Lamb) and submit to Him as Lord (Lion) will be allowed to attend and then reign with him for eternity.


INVENTORY of ''SHUMBA'' (steel lion)

Circular saws
Meat grinder
Rabbit trap
Can opener
Channel lock pliers
Salad tongs
Garden spade
Pressure cooker handles
Beveled gears
Sprinkler head
Concrete form cleats
Cultivating disk
Cast iron sheep sculpture

Cheeks, ears, chin
Ear hair, tail
Lower hind legs
Internal organs


Fabricated one of a kind.

35" H x 31"

Available - please contact for a quote

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