The rhythm and beauty of a working cow horse in action is a joy to behold.
This athletic and graceful partnership is the result of lots of training time, commitment, and trust. These deep relational aspects moved me to choose a dancing motif as the name - Western Swing. My dad, Lowell, introduced me to all of this as he and Ranger worked cattle on our ranch so adroitly many years ago. He was a horseman and Ranger was his spirited quarter horse. 

Years later I witnessed another amazing equine partnership in downtown Portland, of all places. Pookie pulled our carriage skillfully through heavy traffic responding only to voice commands of her driver. They were a delightful duo!

In developing research material for this sculpture I set up a modeling photo shoot at the “Drag-N-Fly” ranch. Trainer Wes Chappell put Drago through a whole range of cutting and reining exercises both alone and with a yearling heifer. Then I asked Wes how his award winning quarter horse would perform without the use of a bridle. He easily brought him to a classic sliding stop using only knee pressure as a signal. This beautiful bay stallion is ‘listening’ so intently to his master that a steel bar in his mouth is not needed.

If only I were that tractable and in tune with our heavenly ‘trainer’.
...they did not listen or incline their ear, but stiffened
their neck, that they might not hear and receive instruction. Psalms 81:13


Edition of 12

15" H x 18"

Available - $3,795


Commissioned Installation

1.25x life-size

North “Y” Downtown Redmond, Oregon

Available - please contact for a quote

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