A rearing, snorting, stomping stallion is an impressive creature.This combination of trainable power and beauty has drawn people into a relationship with horses unlike other animals. We seem to have been destined to be great companions in battle, industry, and pleasure over the millennia of time.

One reason I’ve chosen to build these sculptures out of found objects is that it forces me into a loose style that while being faithful to proportion, doesn’t get bogged down in detail your eye would just as soon finish on it’s own. It is delightful to construct something you recognize from a distance but have no idea the fun things you get to discover up close.

There are profound similarities to working with salvaged materials to my own human condition as an ordinary man. Society placed little value in most of the materials in this abstract horse and Indian. In a similar way God chooses ordinary people to accomplish his great earthly works. The apostles and prophets didn’t likely look like super heroes.While we are obsessed with man’s outward appearance God is looking at the heart. What he can do with ordinary people who will fully turn their hearts to him is truly awesome. 

The strength of a horse does not impress him (God); how puny in his sight is the strength of a man. Rather, the Lord’s delight is in those who honor him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love.
Psalms 147:10-11







Excavator teeth
Gas cylinder caps
Hay mower
Antique buggy axle
Antique Model A Ford wheel
Antique ‘Meyers’ hay unloader
Golf clubs- drivers & irons
Alternator bracket
Singletree hooks
Hitch balls
Garden spades
Splitting maul
RR spikes
Spring tooth harrow
Garden rakes
Butcher knife
Hedge trimmer
Wood stove foot & burner plates
Fireplace grates

Commissioned Installation

120" H x 120" L


Private Collection
Terrebonne, Oregon

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