As you traverse the expanse of arid sage and juniper from the west or east and break over the rimrocks to behold the Crooked River valley and Prineville you know there is something special about this place. This oldest Central Oregon community has a rich history of strong, independent, and resourceful inhabitants. When the railroad lines were built into this region in the early 1900’s, Prineville was not included, so they built their own - the only city owned railroad in the nation.

There is a beauty and strength of character there, that was captured excellently when they built a stone courthouse in 1909 - now widely considered the most attractive structure in this part of the state.

This bronze sculpture serves to illustrate these attributes. The mustang seems to represent the unbridled spirit of the folks who live here. The wrangler could well be the world chasing after what Prineville and Crook County already have - natural beauty and uncomplicated lifestyle. It remains to be seen whether or not the “Maverick” mustang will be caught and domesticated.


Commissioned Installation

1.33 x life-size

City Hall Plaza
Prineville, Oregon

Available - please contact for a quote

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