…Leave your parents, cleave to your spouse,
and become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

It is not difficult to agree with the becoming one flesh part - but getting it in the right order and exclusively is another matter. The landscape is littered with the evidence of ignoring this straightforward command - broken families and relationships.  Cleaving is not as trivial to God as it is in our culture. Many modern couples vow only to promise to be faithful ‘as long as we both shall love’ instead of  ‘live’.

The older couple in this sculpture is also the younger couple on the reverse side a generation later. She’s wearing the same ring. They have weathered through the years but they bear the patina of joy, love, and tenderness that a solid underpinning in God’s word can provide.

Notice the triangular base is straight on 2 sides and curved on the other.  We are all a little head strong with a well-formed idea of how we expect things ought to go early on.  The curved side represents the bending that both must do over time to meet the other’s needs.  It also represents the spiritual element for a foundation capable of withstanding the stresses and storms every marriage must endure. 

It is one thing for a marriage to last for decades - it is another for it to be a thing of tenderness & beauty that far downstream.


Edition of 12

16" H x 13"

Available - $3,695

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