Celebrating femininity and music is what this is about. The shape of a violin & cello struck me as similar to that of a woman.  It’s delicate beauty and graceful lines are intriguingly feminine. 

Unlike the guitar these have no frets so experience and intuition guide the musician.  In the right hands it adds greatly to the orchestra. The maker of the instrument knows that even the finest one makes a pitiful noise, however, when it is out of tune. 

God knows his people need tuning as well. Talking with Him, reading his letters to us, sharing his love and good news with others, and walking in the light of his truth helps us make joyful sounds.

If you keep yourself pure (tuned),
you will be a utensil (instrument) God
can use for his purpose.  Your life will
be clean, and you will be ready for the
Master to use you...
2 Timothy 2:21


Edition of 12

25" H x 16"

Available - $3,495

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